BarCampDallas – at Microsoft.

October 24, 2006    Category: Events


Bar Camp is not a place to go have shots in a tent. The term is a play on words from the Foo Camp (a developer thing – see FOO and BAR — get it?! get it?! – yeah, I’m a nerd.) – Foo Camp is the Friends of Orielly Camp. Foo Camp is all semi-elietiest and stuff (read: invite only)… Bar Camp is just the opposite – anyone can go to BarCamp. BarCamp is free, BarCamp is quality… if you attend, you must present! So the door is open, but the bar is high (too punny!). BarCamp traditionally brings in a lot of the open source/linux/php/designer/mac crowd… and I’m hoping that this one will be no different; even though we are hosting it at the Microsoft Las Colinas Campus. It should be fun!

If you have ideas that you would like to share (and hear from other people that are sharing their ideas) and are going to be in Dallas next January (2007) – then sign up on the BarCampDallas wiki.


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