CommunityCast.tv is going to be like Channel 9, without the Redmond focus. Basically I really like channel 9, but most everything on that show is based in Redmond. Our idea is to do the same thing, but from the field. It will be a great chance to highlight the community, go to events and interview the attendees, organizers and presenters. We’re not after capturing the content or one and a half hour presentations. Instead, we’re trying to capture the heart, enthusiasm and energy that exist in today’s technology communities.


CommunityCast.tv (coming soon!) is the brainchild of Microsoft Developer Evangelist Ron Cundiff and former Microsoft Evangelist Caleb Jenkins. Here’s how it went down:

On my second to last day at Microsoft, Ron came up to me and said “You know what we should do?! We should do a monthly podcast, you and me, where we talk about upcoming events”.  I thought “wow… that sounds really boring.” but it got our creative juices flowing. I then suggested, “what if we included something like that, but actually went around and visited a different user group each month, and highlighted the group, interviewed the attendees and organizers… wait! What if we did video, and made it like a Channel 9 local!”

 I left Microsoft the next day. The following Wednesday I met with Giovanni and we coffee and talked about my plans for post Microsoft, I mentioned CommunityCast and he convinced me to do that, especially now that I wasn’t at Microsoft and (most importantly) he agreed to produce it, handle the post production work etc… it’s good to know Media Moguls like Giovanni.


Where we are now: Gio and I literally decided on the name and purchased the URL an hour before our first event. We still don’t have that pointing anywhere yet… but have shot four events. The current goal is to have the site up and running mid to late February and then hopefully the rest will run like a well-oiled machine. 🙂 Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted. ]]>

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