Working with Visual Studio 2003

February 1, 2007    Category: Blog, Technical


It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve opened VS2003! I’m on site with a client for the next couple of weeks and that is what they are using. It took me a while to remember some of the great plug-ins that I used to use. I’m listing them here in case you find yourself in the same boat as me. 🙂

  • ReSharper – This is a great plug-in, it allows for great refactoring capabilities in VS2003. I’m not using it right now, because you have to purchase the license… and I’m not planning on doing ALL of my development in VS2003.
  • DPack – This is a free plug-in. It’s very stable and does *some* of the things that ReSharper does. Mostly is makes surrounding code blocks with try..catch or #regions a snap
  • WhidbeyCommands2.1 – a must have if you are working with solutions that contain several projects. Small, simple… and a must have!
  • GhostDoc1.3 – I just discovered this… but so far, it makes adding XML comments a snap.


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