Congratulations to the new INETA Board!

March 16, 2007    Category: Blog, Thoughts

The International .NET Association of North America (INETA NorAm) recently had their elections. Their board of directors is made up of volunteers from through out the .NET community. These people donate their time and energies to help make INETA and .NET User groups from all over succeed.

I haven’t heard about all of the new officers, but I did just find out that David Walker from Tulsa is the new Vice President of the Speaker’s Bureau and that Darrell Hawley from Detroit is the new Vice President of Marketing. Josh Holmes and I were just talking about all of the great work that Darrell was doing in community. Darrell and I were actually nominated for the same board spot. I’ve never met Darrell in person, but we’ve spoken several times on the phone and he is definitely a top notch guy with a lot of energy and drive that he’s going to take to INETA. My hat’s off to him!

Woot! Congratulations all around!

Update #1: Congrats to Amanda for being the new President! I first met Amanda at TechEd 2005, and I’m glad to see how much she keeps contributing to the community!

Update #2: I’ll be meeting with David in the morning to give him his Zune, and to interview him about INETA, the new board. his recent trip to Seattle, running the Tulsa TechFest, CodeCamp, .NET User Group, Java User Group, he just had a baby (number 4) and oh yeah.. I think he works for IBM somewhere in the middle there. It should make for good 🙂


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