A friend of mine recently emailed me and wanted to shoot around some ideas for promoting the next TulsaTechFest. Last year’s was amazing and they are really working hard to make this year even better!

His’ email:

…I’m wanting to get some very short video similar to your “CommunityCast.tv – Channel 9 for the rest of us” as an intro/commercial type thing for tech fest.

So, I’m racking my brain trying to think of a good slogan! Something better than just “Tulsa TechFest rocks”. 🙂 or “Tulsa TechFest is for geeks” .. or ” come get your geek on”. 

I like “get your geek on” that made me laugh.

Here are some other ideas:

·         TulsaTechFest… It’s just like TechEd. Only free, and with more sessions, and it’s in Tulsa, so it’s better. (Seriously, who wants to go to Florida anyway!)

·         TulsaTechFest. Free Beer and Technology, without the beer.

·         TulsaTechFest. Because your Mom says that you should go.

·         TulsaTechFest. Better than anything else going on in Tulsa that weekend.

·         TulsaTechFest. Tulsa Technology Festive… what more do you need?

One thing that I’m excited about is that they are probably going to extend this to a two day event, rather than trying to squeeze everything in to one day.

What are your ideas and suggestions? Head over to the TulsaTechFest site and let them know.


One Response to “TulsaTechFest is in October. Is that a good slogan?!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Considering that the state slogan is “Oklahoma is OK”… What did that beat? “Oklahoma doesn’t suck too much”



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