Sabre Hack Day 2008

May 26, 2008    Category: Events

As I mentioned earlier I was invited this month to be a judge at the Sabre Hack Day event. It was a huge honor and a lot of fun. I love these events, but even more I love the fact that Sabre’s senior management see the value in giving their employees the flexibility and freedom to participate is such a great event.

I’ve been to several companies where the theory de jure seems to be around developing a “COE” or Center of Excellence. Unfortunately, most of these COE’s end up being very self-serving and inwardly focused.

I’ve been an advocate of developing a different type of “COE” for a while now. Companies need to look for ways to develop “Cultures of Excellence” or “Communities of Excellence”. That’s the sort of COE’s that are important and that is the sort of thing that Sabre is helping to accomplish. In other words, COE’s need to be outwardly focused – raising the bar for everyone.


2 Responses to “Sabre Hack Day 2008”

  1. Clint Says:

    So you met Patrick? He’s a friend that’s been working on that table for a while. Good stuff…

  2. Caleb Jenkins Says:

    Clint – It was pretty amazing to see what they were able to put together with a web cam, some UV filters, and an open flex library to make it all happen. Very impressive.



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