FIOS is nice.

June 19, 2008    Category: Blog, Thoughts


I’ve had FIOS for over 2 years and love it. I’ve never actually tested the speed before, but I always noticed that pulling down ISO’s from MSDN was always faster from home than from the Microsoft Office, so I figured that it was pretty fast. 🙂

Jim said something on Twitter that got me thinking about how fast is my FIOS actually? So I went to the C|net Bandwidth meter and tried it out. You can see the results… to be any faster I’d have to install a T3…. and I’m the only one on the network at my house. (nice!)

2 Responses to “FIOS is nice.”

  1. Travis Isaacs Says:

    I got the 15/2 package myself. Everything pales in comparison now.

  2. Caleb Jenkins Says:

    Travis – sweet. Nothing like your own personal T3. 😉 Have you used the bandwidth tester on your connection? I have a friend with the 15MB pipe and he tells me that it almost always measures at more (like 17 or 24!) Now that’s just crazy bandwidth!



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