Twitter Getting Hacked?

June 20, 2008    Category: Blog, Thoughts

I noticed this today while I was on Twitter.


UPDATE: As @MaggiePluPlus pointed out. This only seems to affect FireFox and not Internet Explorer… strange indeed!

I was on @Wally_G‘s profile page when I first noticed it (and he’s a computer crime police type guy). You’ll notice that Chuck Olsen‘s name appears instead of his twitter profile image.  Also, notice that his name is taking up 3 spaces of images. I thought that maybe this was just some fluke, some twitter hick-up (I know, what are the odds of that!). So I checked

some of the profile pages of people that are following Chuck.

twitter_chuckOlson_iJustine  twitter_chuckOlson_NewMediaJim  twitter_chuckOlson_jimkirks

(iJustine, NewMediaJim, JimKirks)

and in every single instance that I found where Chuck was on the front page of the profile his name was ever present instead of his picture.

twitter_chuckOlson_Mickipedia   twitter_chuckOlson_giovanni   Twitter_ChuckOlson_KentNichols

(Mickipedia, Giovanni, KentNichols … aka AskNinja)

I knew that this was serious when the Secretary of State of the United States of America was affected. Then I started to see this pop up for other people too… et tu Elmo?

Twitter_ChuckOlson_condi   Twitter_ChuckOlson_pop17 twitter_chuckOlson_CCChapman

(Condi, Pop17, CC. Chapman)

I’m not sure what all of this means (if anything). I’m not saying that we need to raise the National Security status to Orange or anything crazy like that (oopps.. guess, we’re already at Orange.. what does that mean anyway?)

Then I went to Zadi’s page…


It’s an all out epidemic.

What about you? Have you noticed this. Is it a growing trend or just some twitter craziness? Do you think this is something that someone could do intentionally or is perhaps a side affect of the size/format/name of their profile image something like that? My guess is that its something less sinister.. what’s your guess?

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5 Responses to “Twitter Getting Hacked?”

  1. Maggie Says:

    I saw the same stuff (names in image pane) in firefox, but the same pages rendered fine in IE
    It seems to be an issue with newly updated photos on firefox. The only missing image is the one with text. I’ve seen it for fallenrouge and alanstevens who have new pix.

  2. Peter Ritchie Says:

    This is from browsers that show the ALT tag when the image is not available.

  3. Zadi Says:

    This made me laugh. 🙂 Yeah, it’s pure craziness – every day is a Twitter carnival.

  4. JAbbott Says:

    I saw this happen the other day when I changed my avatar on Twitter and again when a friend changed theirs (I noticed because I gave them the avatar image). In both cases, it took a half hour for the image to show up in “following” lists and in the meantime the alt text was there.

  5. Caleb Jenkins Says:

    @Zadi – Thanks for the comment. Yeah.. conspiracy theories always make me laugh too. 🙂

    @Maggie – Thanks for that. I’m normally on IE, but was on FF that day, and so hadn’t noticed this before.

    @JAbbot / @PeterRitchie – My guess. FF probably has a different (not as good?) way of caching images… interesting thing to be aware of anyways!



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