Using Windows Cardspace with OpenID

June 20, 2008    Category: Blog, Technical


Are you using OpenID to log in anywhere? I use OpenID to access my blog, and a couple of other sites that I use. One of the down sides to OpenID is that it still relies on a Username / Password combination going over the Internet. I’ve started using MyOpenID’s implementation because they allow me to use an InfoCard to authenticate with their OpenID provider… or more specifically I use my Windows Vista CardSpace (CardSpace is .NET 3.0’s implementation of the open standard InfoCard).


In fact, without my info card… it’s impossible to use my (as in mine, my personal account) OpenID. I don’t have a username/password associated with my account at all. In addition to that, they have an automated process that calls my cell phone whenever I log in to the system. That may seem like a bit of overkill, but so far I’ve been happy with it.

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    […] think that this is a great idea! Now that LiveID will support OpenID and since we can already use CardSpace with OpenID… here’s to hoping that the world (wide web) will be a better place without Usernames […]



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