Each year this event get’s bigger AND better. Last year included a sponsored night out to the Tulsa OctoberFest that was a lot of fun. Big props go to David Walker and the Tulsa Developers.NET group for putting this whole thing together.

I received an email from a friend recently that said something like

Saw you were doing a talk on loose coupling at TTF. Same time as [another talk]. I’m not sure which to pick.

Are you going to lay down the typical Caleb awesomeness, making your session the right choice?

Emphasis added. My response

Well when you put it that way… no, I’m only planning on doing a boring, lame presentation. 🙂

This is one of my favorite talks… I’m telling the story Dependency Injection and IoC through allegory “The Heroic Tale of DI and IoC”. Then showing some high level code examples of Ninject in Silverlight, Castle in WinForms and …

So yeah… come to my session. 😉

(but I can guarantee none of this so called "awesomeness" that was spoken of… my sessions will probably be dull and boring ;) 

Here are my sessions:

  • Better Application Design with practical loose coupling
  • Silverlight with Visual Studio 2008 + Expression Blend
  • Developer Designer Zen (Bringing these two worlds together)
  • Silverlight 2 : Data & Visual Templates

In addition to that, there are going to be a ton of sessions to choose from and an amazing group of presenters, including an incredible closing keynote by Improving‘s own Jef Newsom.

While you’re at it… check out last year’s wrap up from CommunityCast.tv!

All photos are from last year’s TulsaTechFest courtesy Giovanni Galluci

2 Responses to “TulsaTechFest (It’s like OctoberFest…. but for technology)”

  1. Chris Patterson Says:

    Bring on the awesomeness!

  2. Caleb Jenkins Says:

    @Chris – We all know where the *really* *really* awesome sessions are going to be… http://blog.phatboyg.com/2008/09/24/prelude-to-tulsa-techfest-2008/

    I’m looking forward to it!



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