I’m speaking at the XAMLFest in Houston today and there have been several questions around how we did our automatic dependency injection in our Silverlight applications and the tools other tools that I recommend.

I updated my recommended tools for Silverlight on Delicious and

We use Ninject for DI in Silverlight. Here’s a great blog post from Jonas Follesoe (a Microsoft Regional Director from Norway) on using Ninject to do Dependency Injection in Silverlight.

Seperation of Concerns - The way of a true master

I really like Jonas’ writing style, especially the way that he comments his code examples

Code illustrating my DataContext problem.

also… be sure to check out the very cool Expression Kolur plug in that he wrote. Awesome!

Blend add-in screenshot


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    […] specifically thinking about applications that leverage Test-Driven development practices,  Dependency Injection, and Model-View-View Presenter designs for robust flexibility and the ability to multi-target the […]



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