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October 27, 2008    Category: Events

NotAtPDC First, follow the virtual event going on this week on Twitter, Live Meeting and other various virtual platforms. Get all of the updates at (like the schedule and presenters) drop them a line if you have a topic that you’d like to speak on this week. Just think.. you could be a presenter at NotAtPDC2008!

As a side note: I love community driven events like this! the .NET community literally, and nearly spontaneously launched NOT AT PDC Sunday night, and it looks live and active by Monday morning. Great work every one! (especially @RachelAppel and @ChrisLove)

OK, so now anyone "attending" NotAtPDC can also check out the other PDC’s keynote this morning as it will be streamed over the Internet too. (thanks for participating Microsoft! 😉 )

image image

Other upcoming events that you should sign up for

The AgileDotNet Conference is a 1 day conference being put on by Microsoft, Improving Enterprises and the Dallas C# SIG dealing with bringing agile methodologies to .NET developers and especially dealing with the challenges of implementing an agile process in an enterprise environment. It’s gonna be awesome. Check out this video, then go sign up! (oh yeah, did I mention that it’s free!)

This one will cost you$100 USD, but this content looks like it’ll will be well worth it! Microsoft is putting on a "traveling road show" covering a lot of the topics that are coming out of "the other PDC" this week. Check out their tour schedule and you’ll see that there is probably one coming to a city near you!

Hope to "see" you there!

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