I had the honor of speaking at the Dallas C# SIG last Thursday. I was asked by a couple of people if my slides were posted anywhere… so here they are on Slideshare. Enjoy!

Here’s the summary of my talk from the C# web page:

This is going to be one of the most unique talks on Silverlight that we’ve ever done. We have no agenda, just a ton of topics, experience and information on Silverlight, UX, and designing amazing user applications. Bring your questions, experience and let’s have a great time discussing all of these topics! We’ll overview Silverlight 1 and 2, the tools, features and abilities of Silverlight as well as walkthrough common scenarios, uses and pitfalls of practical Silverlight development in the field as well as highlighting some of the new and exciting Silverlight 2 features: DeepZoom, Isolated Storage, Data and Visual Templates. Silverlight 2 opens a whole new world of possibilities and options to .NET developers in the Rich Internet Application space. Combining the best of web application deployments with traditional Windows development, this best of breed application platform is changing the world of on-line as well as line-of-business applications. The most significant part of being a successful Silverlight developer is your ability to work well with data, and the ability to work well with designers.

I had a great time!

2 Responses to “Silverlight at the C# SIG in Dallas last week.”

  1. Jon Parker Says:

    Just a comment that I find it ironic that your slide deck is posted on here using Flash, as opposed to Silverlight.

  2. Caleb Jenkins Says:


    That’s funny. Yeah, Silverlight is a great platform, but it’s not EVERY where yet! 😉

    – Caleb



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