What does Agile mean to you?

October 25, 2008    Category: Blog, Thoughts

I just posted this over at CommunityCast.tv

After the Tulsa TechFest this year we went around and asked several attendees and speakers what Agile Development was to them… then we asked some of the non-attendees that happened to be in the area. Here are some of the responses.


2 Responses to “What does Agile mean to you?”

  1. Tim Tyrrell Says:

    Hard to concentrate on the speakers with the Lady Kickballers throwing down in the background! Also, we need more in-depth information on that Waterflow methodology (2:07).

  2. Michael Paladino Says:

    Wow. I feel completely enlightened. I can only assume that the AgileDotNet Conference will consist of nothing more than playing that video over and over since everything you could ever possibly want to know about Agile is all right there.

    Seriously though, good luck with the conference. Sounds like some great material.



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