Dependency Injection with Silverlight

December 18, 2008    Category: Blog, Technical

This is one of my favorite talks that I’ve been doing lately. I like the concepts here because they don’t just apply to Silverlight applications, but all of your software development. I also like that fact that most people don’t think about some of the more advanced software approaches that you can take with Silverlight.



Download my demo code from SkyDrive.



2 Responses to “Dependency Injection with Silverlight”

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    […] more information on Dependency Injection and Inversion of control I suggest checking out my DI in Silverlight slide deck, as well as the Ninject, Castle, Microsoft Unity and Structure Map […]

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    […] about Model View View-Models (MVVM) for your Silverlight Applications. If you’ve ever seen my Dependency Injection for Silverlight talk, this is pretty much the follow up to that. (above is a snapshot from the last time that I […]



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