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This week I will be at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle, while I’m there I will take the time to present at the local .NET User Group. If you are in the area be sure to stop by. It’s going to be a “double feature” between my “Developing Loosely Coupled Applications” talk and my friend, and fellow MVP, Dennis Bottjer will be giving his amazing talk on SharePoint Performance. It’s gonna be awesome!

3 Responses to “Silverlight at the Redmond .NET User Group Tonight!”

  1. Wil Bloodworth Says:

    You’re awesome! 😉

  2. RyanB Says:

    Hmmm, OpenID doesn’t seem to be working.

    Thank you for the presentation last night. I am not unfamiliar with Dependancy Injection, but your talk cleared up some of those areas that I was still unsure about.

  3. austin avrashow Says:

    Great talk last night. I had only heard of Dependency Injection so it was great to see the why and how.



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