Architect on retainer is a cost effective approach to modern software architecture and mentoring needs.


Architect on retainer was created to meet the growing needs of smaller development shops that have ongoing coaching, process improvement & architectural guidance needs, and to serve larger organizations that maintain a minimal .NET investment and therefore are not able to justify this role on a full time basis. This program has a fixed, base price and a minimum 9 month commitment and includes up to 3 days of architectural services each month. Typically this involves an evaluation of your environment, coding practices and procedures, followed by monthly workshops to target specific areas of improvement with direct mentoring.

AOR provides for a dedicated coach to be available for additional meetings, phone conferences, code reviews, remote coding assistance at a discounted Proaction rate. AOR is the ideal solution for companies looking for a fixed monthly price, a bucket of hours to pull from and the discount and flexibility of additional hours. For a quote and to discuss details for your organization please contact us.

Who is AOR for?

Architect on Retainer was specifically designed for organizations that have lead architectural and mentoring needs but are not ready to justify a full time senior position. This is common with smaller development teams and larger organizations that might happen to have a minimal .NET investment.

Architectural Tasks

  • Architectural Guidanceproaction mentor practices
  • Development Review
  • Software Coaching
  • Classroom Workshops
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Corp Development Community
  • Agile Process Mentoring
  • Navigating Microsoft
  • Development
    • Object Orientation
    • SOLID Principals
    • Software Patterns
    • Secure Coding
  • Team Work
    • Automated Tests
    • Source Control
    • Build Automation
  • Process
    • Agile, Lean, XP
    • Team Dynamics
    • Continuous Learning

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