Microsoft Live ID to Support Open ID

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Looks like Microsoft just announced their plans to support OpenID via Live ID at the Microsoft PDC conference. Now, I’m not *cough* saying that I said they should do this way back in March *cough* or anything… but I will say that I still think that this is a great idea! Now that LiveID will support OpenID and since we can already use CardSpace with OpenID… here’s to hoping that the world (wide web) will be a better place without Usernames and Passwords every where I go!

Public Service Announcement: Friends don’t let friends use passwords on the Internet.

For those of you keeping track… that’s 2 world changing ideas down, 7 more to go, but I think that the first 2 are the most important anyway.    😉


What does Agile mean to you?

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I just posted this over at

After the Tulsa TechFest this year we went around and asked several attendees and speakers what Agile Development was to them… then we asked some of the non-attendees that happened to be in the area. Here are some of the responses.


An HTML Public Service Announcement

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Because friends don’t let friends use HTML Tables …

I’ve been spending more time lately working in MVC and MVP, (specifically M-V-VM) style applications. I thought that it would be a good time to pull out some of the great MVC PSA’s that Adam Keys from FiveRuns and the guys from RailsEnvy put together. They started a while ago, but they keep adding more! Be sure to check out the other MVC PSA’s linked below.

Check out the other Model View Control – Public Service Announcements:

Silverlight 2 for Mobile at PDC!

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I noticed this announcement (below) on the Mobile site from Amit about Silverlight 2 for Mobile. If you’re going to PDC this year, then you should definitely go check out Amit’s session!


That’s right. I said Silverlight 2 for Mobile! – you know, Silverlight with the CLR running in it… on your mobile device!

Think of how awesome that would be!

What’s the big deal?
If you’ve been following the Silverlight for Mobile space, then you’ll know that the only thing that Microsoft has been talking about up until now has been Silverlight 1 for Mobile, even at at Mix this year. If you’ve been paying attention then you might have seen this little tidbit of a roadmap from Todd (technical evangelist from Microsoft).

Why am I excited?
While I think that most Silverlight for Mobile applications will focus on mobile gaming and consumer "widgets" (think: rich mobile widgets for mapping, weather and traffic notifications, etc..) I am most excited about the possibility of creating robust mobile applications for enterprise customers line of business applications. I’m specifically thinking about applications that leverage Test-Driven development practices,  Dependency Injection, and Model-View-View Presenter designs for robust flexibility and the ability to multi-target the same rich application for web and mobile web with multiple views.


My Take
Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to talk about, other than the session title at PDC. But I will say that even the idea of having Silverlight 2 on a mobile device is truly exciting!

I’m guessing that there will be more to talk about after PDC.  I can’t wait!

Silverlight 2 is out!

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Several people have already blogged this. In fact, you should stop reading right now and go and look at Gu’s, Hanselman’s, Heuer’s and Shawn’s posts. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

OK, back? I don’t really have much anything to add, except that this has been one of the top 3 questions that I’ve been asked over the last many months. XAML Fest, Clients, User Groups, and TechFests… all seem to want to know the same things… "when will it ship?"

Well, I’m glad to finally have an answer for that question! The other 2 questions are "how would I compare Silverlight to Flash" and "what if I don’t have Blend or Visual Studio?".

I’ll save the Flash/Silverlight question for another time (except to say that you should go look at the Rosetta project).


As far as the Blend/Visual Studio question. Here’s my answer.

Yes. You should use Blend and Visual Studio. The developer designer workflow is awesome and the tooling is exceptional. That being said. You can now also go get the Silverlight for Eclipse plug in … if that’s the way you roll.


As for me?…. Now I’m off to go upgrade all of my code, demos, slides and tools to Silverlight 2. (and maybe I’ll be able to hold off a bit before jumping to the next set of CTP tools… Silverlight 3!)

Dear Apple,

image I’m not a fan. Yes, your hardware is awesome. The Mac Book Pro is possibly the best laptop on the market for Vista. I’ll probably buy one for my next machine. You were first with the iPod (congrats with that), but I *love* the UI and innovation lately with my Zune. I still use my iPod Nano, but only with Rock Box (Linux) on it. But, why oh why do you insist on shipping iTunes with everything? (ahem, apple TV, QuickTime, etc..) Plus, I hate QuickTime. It was nice for a season, but to me… it’s like using RealPlayer. (Why would you). Give me Flash video or a WMV any day. And why is it Apple that you hate your developers? No seriously, you seem to despise the people that love your "platform".

That being said, I want to help you. yes, this may seem far-fetched, but I want to give you my sagely wisdom for taking over the world. I find that most things that are wrong with the world… they didn’t take my advice. No, really… you can look at almost anything wrong in the world and just say to your self, "I bet they didn’t ask Caleb before they did that"… and you’d probably be right.


So here you go, take this advice and conquer all… ignore it, and be like those other people that didn’t take my advice. The choice (in my best Morpheus to Neo voice) I leave to you.

Here are the Three Steps to take over the world:

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I’m speaking at the XAMLFest in Houston today and there have been several questions around how we did our automatic dependency injection in our Silverlight applications and the tools other tools that I recommend.

I updated my recommended tools for Silverlight on Delicious and

We use Ninject for DI in Silverlight. Here’s a great blog post from Jonas Follesoe (a Microsoft Regional Director from Norway) on using Ninject to do Dependency Injection in Silverlight.

Seperation of Concerns - The way of a true master

I really like Jonas’ writing style, especially the way that he comments his code examples

Code illustrating my DataContext problem.

also… be sure to check out the very cool Expression Kolur plug in that he wrote. Awesome!

Blend add-in screenshot


Twitter Getting Hacked?

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I noticed this today while I was on Twitter.


UPDATE: As @MaggiePluPlus pointed out. This only seems to affect FireFox and not Internet Explorer… strange indeed!

I was on @Wally_G‘s profile page when I first noticed it (and he’s a computer crime police type guy). You’ll notice that Chuck Olsen‘s name appears instead of his twitter profile image.  Also, notice that his name is taking up 3 spaces of images. I thought that maybe this was just some fluke, some twitter hick-up (I know, what are the odds of that!). So I checked

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Are you using OpenID to log in anywhere? I use OpenID to access my blog, and a couple of other sites that I use. One of the down sides to OpenID is that it still relies on a Username / Password combination going over the Internet. I’ve started using MyOpenID’s implementation because they allow me to use an InfoCard to authenticate with their OpenID provider… or more specifically I use my Windows Vista CardSpace (CardSpace is .NET 3.0’s implementation of the open standard InfoCard).


In fact, without my info card… it’s impossible to use my (as in mine, my personal account) OpenID. I don’t have a username/password associated with my account at all. In addition to that, they have an automated process that calls my cell phone whenever I log in to the system. That may seem like a bit of overkill, but so far I’ve been happy with it.

FIOS is nice.

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I’ve had FIOS for over 2 years and love it. I’ve never actually tested the speed before, but I always noticed that pulling down ISO’s from MSDN was always faster from home than from the Microsoft Office, so I figured that it was pretty fast. 🙂

Jim said something on Twitter that got me thinking about how fast is my FIOS actually? So I went to the C|net Bandwidth meter and tried it out. You can see the results… to be any faster I’d have to install a T3…. and I’m the only one on the network at my house. (nice!)



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