nddnug I always like going up to the North Dallas DNUG. The first (pilot) CommunityCast.tv episode was shot there… and the last time that I was there Jason Alexander showed of Graffiti before Telligent had it released (CommunityCast episode 6).

Side Note: I just realized that Jason updates his blog less than I update  CommunityCast. ;)  – go follow his twitter instead

Silverlight_smallLogo Tonight I’ll be talking about Microsoft Silverlight, specifically some of the Data Binding and Visual Template features. This is a fun talk, but there is a lot to cover! We’ll start with data binding to business objects and then move to creating visual templates with Microsoft Expression Blend. I’ll also bring my camera so be prepared to chat about what you are doing later in the night!

If you’re in the Dallas area, be sure to stop by and check it out!

Attend VS Live tonight for Free!

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This week I’m attending and speaking at VS Live Dallas. VS Live is the largest independent conference on Microsoft technologies in North America (and maybe in the World?). So far, I’ve met a ton a great people that are attending (from as far away as Florida and Connecticut).  The speakers this week are amazing. I’ve already sat through sessions with Jessie Liberty, John Papa, Miguel Castro, Rockford Lhotka, Richard Hale Shaw – it’s a virtual smorgasbord of marque level speakers.

People have paid big money to attend the conference this week. (I posted a discount code about 5 weeks ago), but tonight it’s free! That’s right. Anyone that wants to can come join us tonight for VSLive! After Dark Community night where you’ll be treated to an amazing panel made up of Josh Holmes, Rocky Lhotka, Jesse Liberty, Richard Hundhausen, John Papa and Richard Hale Shaw – they be covering the topic of the Future of .NET.

This going to be cool. If you’re in the Dallas area be sure to stop by The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas – Grand Ballroom A. Doors open at 6:00pm– See you then!


microsoft_silverlight_logoTomorrow night I’ll be presenting at the Ft. Lauderdale .NET User Group on Silverlight. Specifically, I’ll be covering the process and techniques for creating visual templates as well as some of the in’s and out’s of binding to data and creating data templates.

again… big thanks to INETA for sponsoring this event and for supporting .NET communities all over the world!


It should be a great night, if you’re in the area.. be sure to stop by and say hi!


That’s right, tomorrow night I’ll be speaking at the Rockford .NET user group (about an hour outside of Chicago) telling the Heroic Tale of Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control and the Strategy Pattern. This is basically a modified and shortened version of one of the talks that I’ll be doing next month at VS Live! in Dallas.


Big thanks to INETA for supporting the local community and having great speakers (and me 😉 ) present all over the World!


If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and say hi!

TechDays 2008 in Dallas

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Today I’m speaking at TechDays with Roger Guess (of Silverlight Addict fame!) on WPF. This is going to be an awesome talk.. .if you are in the Dallas area be sure to stop by!

I’ve posted the Slides and Demo code on SkyDrive. 




Ineta_LogoNext Wednesday (November 5th, 2008) I’ll be heading down to College Station, TX for INETA to present at the Texas A&M University .NET User Group‘s lunch time meeting.

   I’ll either be presenting on "Developer Designer Zen – Bringing two worlds together" or "Dependency Injection with Silverlight (A Silverlight Tale of Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control and the Strategy Pattern) "

It looks like the User Group as a list server (dotnet@listserv.tamu.edu) set up so that you can participate in the User Group conversation.

I’m looking forward to meeting the .NET developers at Texas A&M and then afterwards I’m planning on meeting up with some friends from Always Creative, then it’s off to my first visit to the Improving Rural Sourcing Development Center that’s based in College Station.

If you’re in the area be sure to drop by!

Texas A and M + net


VS Live, the largest independent professional developer conference on Microsoft technologies, is coming to Dallas December 8th – 11, 2008!. I’ve been given a special registration code that I can offer to you that will save you $300 off of your registration at the next VS Live Dallas.

Register now with code: SPJEN to save $300!

I’ll be speaking on

See you there!

Not At PDC? Do this instead!

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NotAtPDC First, follow the virtual event going on this week on Twitter, Live Meeting and other various virtual platforms. Get all of the updates at http://notatpdc.com/ (like the schedule and presenters) drop them a line if you have a topic that you’d like to speak on this week. Just think.. you could be a presenter at NotAtPDC2008!

As a side note: I love community driven events like this! the .NET community literally, and nearly spontaneously launched NOT AT PDC Sunday night, and it looks live and active by Monday morning. Great work every one! (especially @RachelAppel and @ChrisLove)

OK, so now anyone "attending" NotAtPDC can also check out the other PDC’s keynote this morning as it will be streamed over the Internet too. (thanks for participating Microsoft! 😉 )

image image

Other upcoming events that you should sign up for

The AgileDotNet Conference is a 1 day conference being put on by Microsoft, Improving Enterprises and the Dallas C# SIG dealing with bringing agile methodologies to .NET developers and especially dealing with the challenges of implementing an agile process in an enterprise environment. It’s gonna be awesome. Check out this video, then go sign up! (oh yeah, did I mention that it’s free!)

This one will cost you$100 USD, but this content looks like it’ll will be well worth it! Microsoft is putting on a "traveling road show" covering a lot of the topics that are coming out of "the other PDC" this week. Check out their tour schedule and you’ll see that there is probably one coming to a city near you!

Hope to "see" you there!

Last week I mentioned that I was asked to give a 30 minute high level talk on being a technical presenter in the .NET community for the first Presenter Mentor meeting in Dallas. This was a lot of fun, I’m looking forward to seeing this group grow! Although I was speaking to a .NET centric crowd, the principals and concepts that I went in to briefly should be helpful to anyone thinking about doing a lot of presenting.


Direct Slideshare Link

Presenter Mentor Kicks Off Today!

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bob-incredibles This is a personal reminder that Presenter Mentor kicks off today at the Microsoft Las Colinas building from 11am to 1pm.

What is Presenter Mentor? From the site:

Presenter Mentor is a new user group whose goal is to develop local technical speakers. Have you ever wanted to speak at a user group meeting? Would you like to hobnob with the other speakers at TechFest? This is your opportunity to get on the agenda at a local user group or event.

Today I’ll be kicking things off to talk about "Public Speaking for .NET". This will be sort of big picture look at public speaking and the broader .NET community. I’m looking forward to it! Go check out the site, Dave’s comments, and then head over to CodeZone to register.

Hope to see you there!



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