This Thursday I’ll be speaking at the New York City .NET Developers Group.


I’m looking forward to this talk.. I’ll be covering the 10 Practices that All Developers Should Start Right Now! (based on this 10 Practices for Developers blog series)

I recently took on a new client in the travel industry, even though they are based in Dallas – I am working with their .NET development team in New York. As a part of that I am making my first trek to the big apple. I’m really looking forward to this trip to get to know the dev team that I’ve been working with remotely up until now. I’m also taking advantage of this trip visit the NYC .NET Meetup group and to speak at the local INETA .NET Developers Group.

If you’re going to be in the New York City area this week, be sure to ping me – I’d love to meet up with you at one of these events!

Be sure to RSVP!

image It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog so I thought that I should catch everyone up to speed. I gave Six Flags my two week notice 3 weeks ago.. and started a new company last week. Someone asked me how long it took me to put together my new company, 20 years of hard work.  🙂

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Bring your A game, do your best, leave it all on the field. That’s how I roll… until last night. Last night I presented on MVVM in Silverlight at the North Dallas .NET Users Group. It was a great turn out with a lot of interaction and excellent questions. Huge thanks to the organizers for having me, and to every one that turned out for it!

OK, I learned two big lessons last night. First, don’t prep your demo’s with a source control system that you are not 100% comfortable with yet.. second, don’t keep your speaking engagements when you’ve been taking care of sick people all week.

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In June I’ll be the local Silverlight expert, leading a technology track on Rich Internet Applications (RIA) at a Microsoft’s BizSpark event, SparkStart.

From the official announcement:

SparkStart is a full day of business and technology discussion (open format) and learning event for startups (“startup bootcamp”). This event will also be a networking opportunity for those startups who are new to the BizSpark program and not yet enrolled in the program and would like to mingle and learn from key business and technology influencers. It will also be an event for those startups who are recently enrolled and need to keep the momentum going by learning key strategies for success, both in business, and in technology.

I’m looking forward to checking out Microsoft’s new Technology Center in Las Colinas, TX – It’s an amazing building!


It’s going to be an incredible event for startups and entrepreneurs to learn, network and get to know some of the incredible technologies that are now available. I’m especially looking forward to hanging out with some of the other people that will be presenting at the event. (too name a few)


Check out SparkStart on twitter and read some of Christian’s other related posts. Be sure to register. It’s going to be an amazing day!




I’ll be speaking at the Big Design Conference in Dallas. From the website:

The Big Design Conference is an intense day of learning within the scope of Strategy, Social Media, User Experience, and Code Development. Experts from across the country will gather to present theories, research, experiences, and best practices to students, professionals, and executives looking to stay on the bleeding edge.

My 1pm topic is “Bring Back the Sexy: What’s New in Silverlight 3 and Why Everyone Should Care”. Basically I’m going to be walking through some of the awesome goodness that’s been added to Silverlight 3 like 3D Support, hardware acceleration, custom shaders and behaviors, offline/out of browser integration, Blend 3, plus the new line of business features like data forms and WCF integrations. You know, all the awesome Silverlight sexy that I can get in to my allotted hour. it’s gonna be awesome.

Be sure to register today (tickets are selling fast!) – See you there!

  • Big (D)esign Conference
  • Big (D)esign After Party
  • (Free) Style & Travelocity Design Challenge

nddnug I always like going up to the North Dallas DNUG. The first (pilot) episode was shot there… and the last time that I was there Jason Alexander showed of Graffiti before Telligent had it released (CommunityCast episode 6).

Side Note: I just realized that Jason updates his blog less than I update  CommunityCast. ;)  – go follow his twitter instead

Silverlight_smallLogo Tonight I’ll be talking about Microsoft Silverlight, specifically some of the Data Binding and Visual Template features. This is a fun talk, but there is a lot to cover! We’ll start with data binding to business objects and then move to creating visual templates with Microsoft Expression Blend. I’ll also bring my camera so be prepared to chat about what you are doing later in the night!

If you’re in the Dallas area, be sure to stop by and check it out!


microsoft_silverlight_logoTomorrow night I’ll be presenting at the Ft. Lauderdale .NET User Group on Silverlight. Specifically, I’ll be covering the process and techniques for creating visual templates as well as some of the in’s and out’s of binding to data and creating data templates.

again… big thanks to INETA for sponsoring this event and for supporting .NET communities all over the world!


It should be a great night, if you’re in the area.. be sure to stop by and say hi!

TechDays 2008 in Dallas

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Today I’m speaking at TechDays with Roger Guess (of Silverlight Addict fame!) on WPF. This is going to be an awesome talk.. .if you are in the Dallas area be sure to stop by!

I’ve posted the Slides and Demo code on SkyDrive. 




VS Live, the largest independent professional developer conference on Microsoft technologies, is coming to Dallas December 8th – 11, 2008!. I’ve been given a special registration code that I can offer to you that will save you $300 off of your registration at the next VS Live Dallas.

Register now with code: SPJEN to save $300!

I’ll be speaking on

See you there!

Last week I mentioned that I was asked to give a 30 minute high level talk on being a technical presenter in the .NET community for the first Presenter Mentor meeting in Dallas. This was a lot of fun, I’m looking forward to seeing this group grow! Although I was speaking to a .NET centric crowd, the principals and concepts that I went in to briefly should be helpful to anyone thinking about doing a lot of presenting.


Direct Slideshare Link



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