As Chris, Zain and Denny already pointed out, XAML Fest is coming to Houston.

What is XAMLFest? From Denny’s post:

<XamlFest />is a free two day seminar being hosted around the country to help show that XAML and WPF are not overwhelming or even particularly hard. If you live in the central part of the US, you can attend <XamlFest /> in Houston, Texas

What will I be doing there?

XAML-MAN The organizers asked me to come present on the "Role of the Integrator"… basically I’ll be talking about the interactions between developers and designers in the XAML / WPF / Silverlight world. This will be similar to the Developer Designer Zen talk that I did for XTrain and Adobe.tv.

Mostly though, I’m looking forward to hearing from the other presenters and meeting with folks from across the region that are doing WPF/Silverlight work.

If you are attending be sure to say hi!



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