Halo 3 Launch Party was Fantastic!

September 28, 2007    Category: Events   No Comments »


Hats off to the Microsoft team that put this on. There were plenty of people there, several pod-casters, bloggers and a whole bunch of other people.

One of my favorite parts of the night was from my friend and Biz Talk MVP Tim Rayburn. Tim set up a small cam on his laptop with a sign that he had people read. It said, “TimRayburn.net, it’s like CommunityCast.TV only we actually post videos!” Hilarious. What a great play on the theme for CommunityCast, (“It’s like channel 9 for the rest of us”) and a nice reminder that I actually need to start posting some of those gazillion interviews that I’ve already recorded.


CommunityCast was there recording more interviews… hopefully those will get posted sooner rather than later!



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