Microsoft MVP Summit – 2010

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Last week I had the privilege of attending Microsoft’s Global MVP Summit in Bellevue Washington. While I can’t talk about most of what was covered (NDA) I wanted to mention two projects that I learned about while there and mention some of my thoughts from the event.

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Last month (November 4th, 2009), I had the privilege of speaking at Microsoft’s “The New Efficiency” Launch for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 in Dallas. While no one was there to record *my sessions* specifically, Microsoft has posted similar session from other parts of the country. I wish I could link (or embed) them directly since it takes some clicking to get to them. Instead, here’s a quick walkthrough. Enjoy!

image 1. Go to Microsoft’s “The New Efficiency” website *

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“draft whurley” Featured on

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imageLast Thursday I posted my thoughts about Microsoft’s OSS announcements (go digg it: 3 Reasons Microsoft Needs an Open Source Officer), namely the formation of the CodePlex Foundation (awesome) and the departure of Sam Ramji (bummer). My take is that this is a great opportunity for Microsoft to take open source projects at Microsoft up a notch and raise the stakes with a big bold move by bringing in someone like my friend whurley (William Hurley – currently the chief architect of open source strategy at BMC).

This morning I turned on my computer to see that Todd Weiss and the folks at had featured this idea on their home page. Go check it out the full article!

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Dependency Injection on ARCast TV

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imageWhile I was out at the MVP Summit this summer I had a chance to catch up with Brian Prince from Microsoft and we talked about using Dependency Injection for better code level architecture.  Check out the full video on Microsoft’s ARCCast.

When you’re done. Check out my Dependency Injection on Silverlight presentation.

Digg this! Today there were two big announcements from Microsoft regarding their involvement with the Open Source communities. First, was the formation of the CodePlex foundation, an open source foundation for the

Enabling the exchange of code and understanding among software companies and open source communities

Awesome. Great. Fantastic. This is the natural progression of a lot of the open source work that’s been happening at CodePlex, in the ASP.NET MVC stack and a lot of the other OSS projects that Microsoft has been initiating and contributing to lately.

The other announcement was more disappointing, Bill Hilf, the general manager of Windows, announced that Sam Ramji would be leaving his post at Microsoft to be the interim president of the CodePlex Foundation (cool – but why interim?) and then he would be pursuing some other opportunity.

Bill Sam Ramji

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In June I’ll be the local Silverlight expert, leading a technology track on Rich Internet Applications (RIA) at a Microsoft’s BizSpark event, SparkStart.

From the official announcement:

SparkStart is a full day of business and technology discussion (open format) and learning event for startups (“startup bootcamp”). This event will also be a networking opportunity for those startups who are new to the BizSpark program and not yet enrolled in the program and would like to mingle and learn from key business and technology influencers. It will also be an event for those startups who are recently enrolled and need to keep the momentum going by learning key strategies for success, both in business, and in technology.

I’m looking forward to checking out Microsoft’s new Technology Center in Las Colinas, TX – It’s an amazing building!


It’s going to be an incredible event for startups and entrepreneurs to learn, network and get to know some of the incredible technologies that are now available. I’m especially looking forward to hanging out with some of the other people that will be presenting at the event. (too name a few)


Check out SparkStart on twitter and read some of Christian’s other related posts. Be sure to register. It’s going to be an amazing day!



image     microsoft_silverlight_logo

This week I will be at the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle, while I’m there I will take the time to present at the local .NET User Group. If you are in the area be sure to stop by. It’s going to be a “double feature” between my “Developing Loosely Coupled Applications” talk and my friend, and fellow MVP, Dennis Bottjer will be giving his amazing talk on SharePoint Performance. It’s gonna be awesome!


Microsoft has put on several of these events all over the US. If you missed the Microsoft PDC Conference then the Dallas event on Monday is the best local place to get a lot of the same information on what’s new with .NET and the future roadmap of the Microsoft Platform. (Rich UX, RIA’s, Cloud Computing , Visual Studio 2010, etc…)

From the official site:

Missed the PDC? Catch the content LIVE at the MSDN Developer Conference. Register Today!

We’re bringing the PDC to you!

I’ll be there speaking about Developing Data-Centric Applications Using the WPF DataGrid and the new WPF Ribbon Controls with Visual Studio 2010. (I know… that’s a mouthful!) 

I’m looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

Not At PDC? Do this instead!

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NotAtPDC First, follow the virtual event going on this week on Twitter, Live Meeting and other various virtual platforms. Get all of the updates at (like the schedule and presenters) drop them a line if you have a topic that you’d like to speak on this week. Just think.. you could be a presenter at NotAtPDC2008!

As a side note: I love community driven events like this! the .NET community literally, and nearly spontaneously launched NOT AT PDC Sunday night, and it looks live and active by Monday morning. Great work every one! (especially @RachelAppel and @ChrisLove)

OK, so now anyone "attending" NotAtPDC can also check out the other PDC’s keynote this morning as it will be streamed over the Internet too. (thanks for participating Microsoft! 😉 )

image image

Other upcoming events that you should sign up for

The AgileDotNet Conference is a 1 day conference being put on by Microsoft, Improving Enterprises and the Dallas C# SIG dealing with bringing agile methodologies to .NET developers and especially dealing with the challenges of implementing an agile process in an enterprise environment. It’s gonna be awesome. Check out this video, then go sign up! (oh yeah, did I mention that it’s free!)

This one will cost you$100 USD, but this content looks like it’ll will be well worth it! Microsoft is putting on a "traveling road show" covering a lot of the topics that are coming out of "the other PDC" this week. Check out their tour schedule and you’ll see that there is probably one coming to a city near you!

Hope to "see" you there!

Silverlight 2 is out!

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Several people have already blogged this. In fact, you should stop reading right now and go and look at Gu’s, Hanselman’s, Heuer’s and Shawn’s posts. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

OK, back? I don’t really have much anything to add, except that this has been one of the top 3 questions that I’ve been asked over the last many months. XAML Fest, Clients, User Groups, and TechFests… all seem to want to know the same things… "when will it ship?"

Well, I’m glad to finally have an answer for that question! The other 2 questions are "how would I compare Silverlight to Flash" and "what if I don’t have Blend or Visual Studio?".

I’ll save the Flash/Silverlight question for another time (except to say that you should go look at the Rosetta project).


As far as the Blend/Visual Studio question. Here’s my answer.

Yes. You should use Blend and Visual Studio. The developer designer workflow is awesome and the tooling is exceptional. That being said. You can now also go get the Silverlight for Eclipse plug in … if that’s the way you roll.


As for me?…. Now I’m off to go upgrade all of my code, demos, slides and tools to Silverlight 2. (and maybe I’ll be able to hold off a bit before jumping to the next set of CTP tools… Silverlight 3!)



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