Tomorrow (October 12th) Caleb will be at the Tulsa Tech Fest delivering the keynote. This is the 7th year for the Tulsa Tech Fest and each year it get’s better! Normally bringing in 500 to 1000 attendees and over 64 available sessions, this event is a great opportunity to learn and grow with tracks covering every topic from Database Design to Social Media, UX to Advanced Coding practices and IT Pro infrastructure to Windows 8, Cloud and Mobile!

Caleb will be speaking on the 10 Reasons that Software Sucks with an election year twist!

If you’re in the Tulsa area – this would be a great conference to attend – be sure to stop by and say hi! Also, If you attend the keynote – We’d love your feedback on SpeakerMix!


We’re excited that Caleb will be speaking in Tulsa tomorrow at the Tulsa School of Dev.

He already blogged about it; he’ll be speaking on “10 Reasons Your Software Sucks” and then round things out with with “Taming the Legacy Code Beast”. These are both information packed talks with real word strategies to learn from.

Be sure to register now and then check out the other sessions. It’s going to be a full day! Make sure you stop by and say hi!

As Caleb pointed out, this year our friend Jay Smith has taken on the goal of spear heading a Community Leadership Town hall at the Tulsa Tech Fest.


What is a Community Leadership Town Hall? Jay’s post summarizes it well

The evening will be filled with discussions about issues, ideas, and solutions regarding creating, maintaining, and growing user groups and technical communities.   This will be a highly interactive night where everyone will have a chance to suggest a topic and voice their opinion.

Bring your questions, ideas, issues, and willingness to share to the Community Leadership Town Hall – Tulsa.

We know that it’s no small task to pull so many different leaders together, provide content for everyone and keep all of the participants engaged. We’re looking forward to attending and participating! Hope to see you there.

Speaking at Tulsa Tech Fest this Friday

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This Friday Caleb will be presenting at the 5th annual Tulsa Tech Fest. We’re excited to continue our involvement in the greater technical community, as an INETA speaker Caleb has presented at User Groups all over north America since 2005. This is an exciting time and a fun event packed with multiple tracks, check out the complete agenda, we’re sure that their will be something for everyone! Caleb will be presenting on “10 Reasons that your software sucks (and how to make it better)” and “Real World Windows Phone 7 Development with Silverlight” – both of these talks are a lot of fun and we can’t wait to catch up with everyone there. Be sure to stop by and say hi!


Caleb at the 2007 Tulsa Tech Fest

Here are the slides from the presentation that Caleb gave at the North TX Silverlight User Group yesterday.

If you can make it to Tulsa next month, we’ll be there to hear Caleb give an enhanced version of this talk at the Tulsa Tech Fest on November 12th. This is the 5th year of the Tulsa Tech Fest – it’s always a packed event and a lot of fun. If you can make it, be sure to stop by and say hi!
We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Tulsa Tech Fest – It’s a wrap!

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Caleb Jenkins relaxing at the TulsaTechFest 2008 It seems that every year the Tulsa Tech Fest gets bigger AND better. This year was no exception. I’ve been to three Tulsa Tech Fest’s now, and each was has been simply amazing to me. Amazing that they can fit so much in to two days, amazing that the crew in Tulsa can pull so many big name and high quality speakers together, and amazing that each year they run the event so smoothly that it truly feels like a MUCH LARGER conference.

The first year over 450 people attended, last year it was moved to a 2 day event that over 700 people went to, and this year… over 1,000 attendees between two days. This year the cost of entry was 2 cans of food or $2. They raised 469 pounds of food (that’s 360 meals) for local Tulsa food banks. Awesome!


First, my hat goes off to David Walker and the Tulsa Developers for putting this together.

What is a Tech Fest? It’s sort of like a Code Camp, but where Code Camps are usually smaller with 1 or two tracks and usually only focus only on .NET. A TechFest is usually much larger, with some as many as 20 tracks at a time,  and they usually include a larger range of technologies and topics. (.NET, PHP, AJAX, SOA, JAVA, Designers/UX, Business Development and Process, ALM)

This year’s TulsaTechFest was definitely a huge success! My favorite moment?

The closing keynote was the highlight for me. What a great way to finish of the event. Jef Newsom held everyone’s attention talking about “improving”. Some of which was highlighted by (I blogged about that here)

Jef Newsom - Closing Keynote at the Tulsa Tech Fest 2008

Jef’s talk was on Improving. Not Improving, the company, but on improving in general… or more specifically, improving yourself, improving your code, improving your team and your company. You know, Kaizen.

Jef did a hilarious “Improving the Movie Preview” that grabbed everyone’s attention (staring Jef Newsom as Darrel Hannon impersonating Sean Connery as “the Professor”; also staring Jef Newsom impersonating Seth Meyers impersonating Matthew McConway as “the Level 2 Support Guy”) and then went in to some real practical steps that people can take. Improving/Kaizen - Jef Newsom's closing keynote at the TulsaTechFest 2008

  • Refactoring User Stories
  • Work on one thing at a time
  • Time Box yourself and your work
  • Retrospectives (pluses and deltas)
  • Dealing with positive and negative feedback
  • Be willing to stop the line
  • Conflicts and Compromises
  • Responsibility Redefined


Other great moments?

I loved the UX Track. Although I ran out of time on my session on Databinding and Templating in Silverlight (too much databinding… not enough templating)

Rob Howard’s Day 1 Keynote on Enterprise 2.0 really showed how companies across the corporation spectrum are embracing social media concepts from within to connect their people and help them find the resources and answers that they need to be productive. Something that his company Telligent, Microsoft, and many others are now starting to enable and embrace.

Prizes. I’ve never been to a community event before that gave away so much. Including a 50″ Widescreen Plasma TV (each day), a Laptop (each day), a fully loaded work horse desktop(each day), MSDN Team Suit Premium (each day), a couple of Zunes and XBoxes(each day). Plus a TON of XBox games, books, software, Incredible Pizza giftcards, etc.. etc.. etc.. truly amazing.

I got to catch up with old friends as well as meet a TON of incredible people from all over the US the flew out to this event (to speak and to attend). I shot a ton of “bumber” video that we will probably use at the Agile.NET conference in Dallas in November. Buddy Lindsey and I went around one of the after conference meet ups (at Dirty’s Tavern) with a video camera and asked people about Agile development. We didn’t just stop at TTF attendees… we asked everyone. As you can imagine, we got some creative answers from the tavern patrons!


A couple things that I hope David and company will consider changing for next year:

The speaker’s dinner was awesome, but there were a TON of amazing people at the dinner that nobody knew (at least I didn’t know them) and most people (or just me) are probably too lazy to look them up on the web site… a quick intro around the room would have been nice.

Attendee party. Last year we all went to the Tulsa October Fest one of the nights. That was a lot of fun with everyone, this year we played Rock Band and ate Subway in one of the conference rooms. Rock Band was fun and all (epic moment: Seeing Tim Rayburn beat our Claudio’s 99% score on drums with a 100% win on vocals. Epic!) but I think that we’d get more participation and interactions if we bring back the October Fest next year (it is Tulsa Tech Fest after all)


All in all… a great time and I’m looking forward to next year!

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All photos curtsey Les Stockton and Brent Ozar

Hey, if you aren’t already following – you should 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that we’ve just posted a new clip over there. It’s about 3 minutes from Jef Newsom’s closing key note at the TulsaTechFest… which was awesome! I’ll post more on that later. For now, here’s the clip:

See the full size clip at

Marathon speaking this week!

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Marathon speaking this week!

First thing in the morning I fly out to Houston for XAMLFest.

Monday I’ll be speaking on "Building Applications to Support Design, What is a Design Integrator?"

Tuesday I’ll cover "Design best practices, Silverlight on the Web"

Then it’s home for a day to head off to Tulsa for the TulsaTechFest

Thursday I’ll cover "Better Application Design with practical loose coupling" and then "Silverlight with Visual Studio 2008 + Expression Blend" later in the day.

Friday it will be "Developer Designer Zen (Bringing these two worlds together)" followed by "Silverlight 2 : Data & Visual Templates"

6 talks in 5 days… If you’re in the area be sure to stop by and say hi!

Each year this event get’s bigger AND better. Last year included a sponsored night out to the Tulsa OctoberFest that was a lot of fun. Big props go to David Walker and the Tulsa Developers.NET group for putting this whole thing together.

I received an email from a friend recently that said something like

Saw you were doing a talk on loose coupling at TTF. Same time as [another talk]. I’m not sure which to pick.

Are you going to lay down the typical Caleb awesomeness, making your session the right choice?

Emphasis added. My response

Well when you put it that way… no, I’m only planning on doing a boring, lame presentation. 🙂

This is one of my favorite talks… I’m telling the story Dependency Injection and IoC through allegory “The Heroic Tale of DI and IoC”. Then showing some high level code examples of Ninject in Silverlight, Castle in WinForms and …

So yeah… come to my session. 😉

(but I can guarantee none of this so called "awesomeness" that was spoken of… my sessions will probably be dull and boring ;) 

Here are my sessions:

  • Better Application Design with practical loose coupling
  • Silverlight with Visual Studio 2008 + Expression Blend
  • Developer Designer Zen (Bringing these two worlds together)
  • Silverlight 2 : Data & Visual Templates

In addition to that, there are going to be a ton of sessions to choose from and an amazing group of presenters, including an incredible closing keynote by Improving‘s own Jef Newsom.

While you’re at it… check out last year’s wrap up from!

All photos are from last year’s TulsaTechFest courtesy Giovanni Galluci

Houston TechFest Postponed

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In case you were planning on heading down to Houston for the TechFest tomorrow… you should know that there’s a huge hurricane going on down there right now.

From the site:

Campus will be closed which means that the TechFest is postponed, we will try to have reschedle but not until 2009 at the soonest. Thank you all for being part of the Houston TechFest.

This is disappointing, but understandable (considering that most of Houston is currently under evacuation orders).

I know what you’re asking yourself… "great, what am I going to do now!"


Sign up for the TulsaTechFest. I’ll be speaking at it. Jef Newsom from Improving is the closing key note (awesome!), and it’s WELL above sea level.

TulsaTechFest 2008

… and pray for the people in Houston. This looks like it’s going to be a rough one.



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