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“Calling Caleb a ball of energy would be an understatement. He is a passionate technologist who enjoys sharing his knowledge with his clients. He worked with our enterprise configuration management team to setup our TFS installation and did an excellent job.”

Tim Sporcic, First Vice President, Countrywide Financial

“Caleb is one of my top influentials … I can rely on him for input on what Microsoft is planning as well as depend on him to deliver high-quality sessions at our events. He’s always willing to volunteer his time to help us make sure that community events are first-rate and always does a great job presenting at them. He cares passionately about the local developer community, and Silverlight in particular. Caleb is a dynamic and popular speaker, and I’m glad he’s working on our extended community team!”

Chris Koenig, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

“Caleb excels at getting a room excited about technology. His presence encourages participation and he bringds complex topics down to a level that everyone in the room can understand. When listening to Caleb talk about a new technology or product, I’ve felt that he had a solid understanding of the subject and that he was prepared to present and handle obscure audience questions. His consistent dedication to getting the tools and technologies that developers need to build quality software into our hands has been a great benefit to our project.”

Chris Patterson, Technical Advisor, Per-Se Technologies, Microsoft MVP


  • Tulsa Tech Fest
  • OpenCamp Dallas
  • Dallas Tech Fest
  • VS Live! Dallas
  • Big (D)esign Conference
  • Agile DotNET Conf
  • MSDN DevCon
  • Tech Days
  • XAML Fest Houston
  • Houston Refresh
  • Various User Groups: New York, Dallas, Redmond (Microsoft Campus), College Station, San Diego, Ft. Lauderdale, Tallahassee, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, North West Arkansas, Rockford (Chicago), Colorado Springs, Spokane, Lubbock…


10 Practices that will improve your software#

Based on years of consulting, and working with some of the largest (and smallest) software companies in the world.. these are the 10 practices that if you started doing today, would drastically improve the quality and delivery of your software! Topics hit on: Object Oriented Principals, SOLID Coding, Security Concerns, Software Patterns, Automated Testing, Source Control – Branching and Merging Strategies, Continuous Integration, Agile | Scrum | XP | Lean, Team Dynamics, Continually Learning

Dependency Injection and Software Design#

Better application design through practical loose coupling. This talk introduces the concepts of factories, strategy pattern, Inversion of Control, dependency injection and several of the available frameworks. We’ll also look at a comparison of various IoC’s (Unity, Castle, Spring.NET, Ninject) the pro’s cons, practical steps and guidance as well as some of the real world scenarios with impact to Unit Testing and application architecture.

Automated Testing with Mocking Frameworks#

Take your unit tests to the next level. This session will help you write high quality unit tests that isolate your code’s functionality, support modular design and take advantage of the flexibility and features of modern mocking frameworks in automated unit tests. Featuring: VS Test, nUnit, Rhinomocks

Testable by Design (Testable UI and Data Layers)#

The edges of an application are the most difficult to test. This session will delve in to modern application patterns to help enable automated unit testing on the edges of your applications. Learn to separate your application’s UI and Data logic from the actual UI and data access with proper layering and architecture

Writing Secure Software#

Few topics are as important or as overlooked as the common sense approaches to writing secure software that we will cover. This talk will dig in to various Security Principles, Threat Modeling, Discovering Vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing Techniques and Secure Coding Techniques.

Advanced Silverlight with Blend#

Silverlight is one of our favorite topics. The power of Silverlight uniquely brings many advanced topics to together, feel free to pick one, or build an entire RIA workshop from the many Silverlight areas: Silverlight 4 – World Domination (and over view + new features of Silverlight 4), Dependency Injection in Silverlight, Advanced Data Templating & Design, Advanced Data Binding & the MVVM Pattern, Rapid Prototyping with Blend SketchFlow, Designer Developer Zen with Visual Studio + Blend

Agile for the Enterprise#

Feel like you’re trying to be an agile team in a waterfall world? This talk will introduce your team to fundamental agile principals and give you practical tools to map those principals to your enterprise environment. From Waterfall to Kanban – making it work.

Upgrading to .NET 4#

.NET 4 offers an array of new features and time saving productivity language enhancements and features to help your developers meet the challenges that your business faces every day. This workshop will dig in to the most productive and game changing features that have been introduced since .NET 1.1

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Delivering the Keynote at the Tulsa Tech Fest

Thursday, 10. 11. 2012    Category: Events    Comments Off on Delivering the Keynote at the Tulsa Tech Fest

Tomorrow (October 12th) Caleb will be at the Tulsa Tech Fest delivering the keynote. This is the 7th year for the Tulsa Tech Fest and each year it get’s better! Normally bringing in 500 to 1000 attendees and over 64 available sessions, this event is a great opportunity to learn and grow with tracks covering […]


Slides: Real World Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight

October 12, 2010    News    Comments Off on Slides: Real World Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight

Here are the slides from the presentation that Caleb gave at the North TX Silverlight User Group yesterday. Silverlight for Mobile World Dominations from Caleb Jenkins If you can make it to Tulsa next month, we’ll be there to hear Caleb give an enhanced version of this talk at the Tulsa Tech Fest on November […]

Mentoring – a new business… and speaking!

May 12, 2010    Events    4 Comments »

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog so I thought that I should catch everyone up to speed. I gave Six Flags my two week notice 3 weeks ago.. and started a new company last week. Someone asked me how long it took me to put together my new company, 20 years of […]




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